Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Julep Speckled for Spring 2014 Mystery Box Details!

Julep has announced their newest "Speckled for Spring" mystery boxes, just in time for the Easter holiday next weekend! These are REALLY great, and I'm sad to say I will likely be missing out on them. They follow the theme that they kind of sneak peeked with the Maven box this month of speckled special polishes!
Check out the link below to view the boxes!
Julep Beauty Inc.
As usual you can pick up a mystery box for $24.99, in which you get $100+ worth of nailpolish & beauty products. There are two boxes with LE colors, and one that is 100% mystery! I'm not sure how long these are going to be on sale, but the regular mystery box usually sells out first so if that's the one you want then hurry and purchase one!!! They're usually for sale for about a week or so!
Click here to find out more!

Without further ado:

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The first box contains the LE color "Kimberly", described as a "spring inspired wisteria creme with black speckles". I personally LOVE these speckle polishes!!

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And THIS is "Emerson", described as a "powder-blue creme with black speckles". I'm really having a hard time deciding which of these I like more.

So those are the new boxes! And if you want to check out the 100% mystery box, click here!

Xx Ashley C.
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