Monday, April 14, 2014

Pretty & Polished April 2014 Beauty Box Review!

So after what seemed like waiting a century, I finally received my April Beauty Box from Pretty & Polished. Not sure what happened with the shipping, considering I prepaid for a three month subscription, but oh well, it honestly took forever. I've never had this issue with P&P before, and I'm a bit bummed about it.

However, that doesn't change the fact that I like this month's box. Maybe that's why I was so bummed, because I was looking forward to it.

For those of you who didn't read my last post, or who don't already know or subscribe, Pretty & Polished is my favorite indie brand of nail polish. In February, they announced their beauty box program, which is a box with 2 full size limited edition only released in that box polishes. It also contains at least one mini polish to sample from their current inventory. You receive various skincare samples, tools, and a coupon for that month all for only $22! You can find more information here.

First look:
Sorry this is like the most hideous photo ever, I forgot to take another more neat one for the blog when I ripped into the box! :D

My April box contained:
Mardi Gras Rendezvous - Full Size $8.50
Life is a Bowl of Cranberries - Full Size $8.50
Anamagi (Color Changer)- Mini $4.00
Citrus Butter Cuticle Cream - Sample $1?
Cranberry Fig Cold Process Soap - Sample $1?
Mini Nail File $1?
Nail Art Accessories
Coupon for $5 off $35 in April

Overall, this was not the most thrilling bag for me. I like it, but not as much as last months. Hopefully next months will bring more excitement for me. It's worth about $22 even with what I received, and I almost wish I'd just used the $22 to pick out my own stuff. I do however, LOVE Mardi Gras Rendezvous, but I do feel like the colors included in the April box are much more suited for Winter and not Spring. I also hate that I received my box pretty much after everyone ever.

See! It's gorgeous! Mardi Gras Rendezvous in all it's glittery glory.
It's a deep purple jelly packed with blue, pink, purple, and green glitters. This is 2 coats I believe for full coverage.

Life is a Bowl of Cranberries is a nice metallic purple to cranberry color depending on the light. It's okay, but pretty streaky and not what I would purchase in the Spring.

This is Anamagi, when it's warm, which I have been dying to try out. It's actually not as awesome as I expected. The color change isn't as drastic as the other P&P color changers I have, and the flash from my camera makes the purple when it's warm look way more intense than in real life. 
This is it in it's cold state. It's a really nice holo black to purple thermal, and if you zoom in on this photo you can really see the holo. I just wish that it changed like my other ones, which will change colors all throughout the day while I wear them.
One more for good measure. My flash is so messed up.

Last, the skincare products that came with my beauty box. I LOVE the citrus butter cuticle stuff. It smells amazing and goes on much smoother than my other cuticle balms. 

The soap is okay, but it's nothing I would buy or be super excited about. I don't care for bar soap as it is. It smells nice, but too Christmas-y.

So that is my April box! Did you get your yet!? I can't wait for May. Hopefully, I will get it faster this time!
Xx Ashley C.

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