Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Starlooks Box

So the best part of having a Starlooks Sub Starbox is the december box. They always do one of their 99 dollar palettes. I was hoping and praying it would be their new years eve palette. Side note if you dont know what a starbox is, it is a monthly subscription for 15 dollars a month plus shipping and you get 3-4 fullsize Starlooks products. I switched my sub from Ipsy over to them since they are basically giving away starlooks products anyways, I might as well be subbed to them. So lets do an unboxing!

So it comes just like this, last years box was red and sparkly but they did the regular white box which I am kinda sad about but its just a box lol. 
This was the first thing inside and its the details of the box and what is inside. 
I am so happy it is the New Years Eve Palette! Yay!

So this is what the New Year's Eve Palette looks like, It is so gorgeous! I am so happy!

Alright time for some swatches! The first picture below is the going L-R the first 7 and then the remainder 8 on the second picture. 

It is such a beautiful Nude palette which are my favorites! The eyeshadows are very pigminted and creamy. It did contain mattes which were not as much creamy but you can still work with it. I dont know if in my opinion it is worth the 99 dollars but it definitely is the best 17 dollars I ever spent. It is not as wonderful as Urban Decay but it is still extremely well. If you want to sign up for Starbox please use my referral link which I will place below. One of the great things about the Starbox is that if you refer anyone you get a free referal customizable box and every three boxes you get monthly you get a free reward surprise so they really take care of their customers. Thank you all for looking, this is definitely a must buy if you decide to buy the monthly box of December which will only be 25 dollars!

Thanks again, love Chynel Webb <3
Link is below! 


Also there are promo codes as well right now
40% off their entire site is the code : IPSY
If you want to just get this months December box and only pay $21.68 use the code: ILOVESTARLOOKS 

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  1. I'm really digging this palette Chynel.... lol I want to sign up but I'm on the fence still. I probably will eventually once I get all my other boxes figured out. Or maybe I will wait until next December, get a palette, then cancel hahaha :D If you get anything in your next one that you don't love let me see it first in case I want to swap bc I love starlooks. Let me know if these shadows crease!! :D