Thursday, December 5, 2013

Julep Maven December Glitterati Collection Unboxing!

I am thrilled to say that Julep finally has an option to upgrade to an ONLY polish option. I've never upgraded in the past because I never 100% LOVE all of their beauty products, so when I saw this month's box full of glitter beauties PLUS a polish only upgrade, I jumped at the chance.

For those of you who have never heard of Julep before, they are an independent nail polish company that offers a monthly subscription box with various "style profile" options tailored to your tastes. The box costs $19.99 a month for either two polishes and a beauty product, two beauty products, or three polishes. I love Julep because they give you the option to skip entirely if you don't like the collection. They also now offer Polish only upgrades for $44.99 in which you get all 9 colors! :) I think the regular upgrade is 50$.
Check them out if you love polish like me! And use my referral link HERE, so they know I sent you!

Who's ready for some swatches!?! My apologies in advance for the photo quality. I was so excited when I got my box that I didn't charge my phone and my flash stopped working halfway through the polish!
Everything was boxed up really nicely this month! The new boxes are super cute, although I think they're a waste of paper. It also came with a 40% off code and 2 twistband hairties. I will wear them as bracelets only.
From left to right:
Mia, Jillian, Cara, Celia, Evelyn, Shoshanna, Andrea, Joelle, Misti

I'm going to describe Cara and Evelyn for you because I sold/traded them and I forgot to take pictures of the bottles first :/
Cara - I thought this was going to be a pink shimmer polish. That's what the Julep swatches looked like. However, it looks pink in the bottle but it's actually a really nice red frost color. Julep describes it as a "cranberry frost".
Evelyn - A "Magenta purple cream". I'm so tired of Julep's cream polish. This color was so/so for me. It's a nice color if you don't already have a bunch of purples I guess.

First up is Misti. It's a pretty smokey blue cream that will be perfect for more snowmen. This is two coats over my existing Rebel for full opaqueness.

Meet Jillian. This is supposed to be a "deep eggplant with bronze molten" I think it's more brownish red.
To me it looks like a dupe of Sephora by OPI I'm with Brad
It went on amazingly though. That swatch is just one coat over my existing polish.
This is two coats of Joelle over my Rebel. This is the most amazing silver holo full coverage glitter. I am absolutely in love with it. 
This is Shoshanna. I will have to wear it this weekend and post another picture because this does it no justice. It's a beautiful yellow full coverage holo glitter filled with green and red glitters as well. Love it!
EDIT: Here's an additonal photo of Joelle and Shoshanna over Julep Nicolette for your viewing pleasure.

I love these colors! Not so much over the white but this is a much better picture to give you an idea of what they really look like!
Andrea is a really pretty full coverage bronzey/gold color. This is two coats over Rebel. Went on really nicely for a full coverage and wasn't too difficult to take off!

EDIT: On my ring finger and thumb is Andrea in all it's glittery glory. I love this color so much it isn't really bronze to me, definitely more gold, but it is absolutely beautiful!
This is Mia. I'm not totally amazed. It reminds me of if Julep Stefani and Zelda had a baby. It would be this polish. It's supposed to be a greenish silver, but I only see silver.

EDIT: As it turns out, I used Mia again and it is actually a pretty greenish silver color. What I love the most about it, is how metallic and wonderful it is. This is Mia paired with Shoshanna on my thumb and ring finger. LOVE THEM!
Saved the best for last!! This is Celia. It's an amazing Green metallic that is perfect for winter and christmas. This picture is just ONE coat if you can believe that!

And here are my nails. Using Celia with Joelle on top and Rebel for the Christmas Tree. :)
And here's a bonus mani picture of what they looked like before I did the swatches. :) That's Rebel. It's my favorite.

Again, sorry for the lame pictures. I will take better ones I swear. What colors did you get this month??? Love or hate them?!
Until next time,
Xx Ashley C.


  1. Wow, You got the big box. I went for the eyeshadow duo and added Jillian (which is now the third polish I have exactly like this) and Gianna. I love the jagged gold glitter of Gianna.

    1. This was my first time upgrading!! I couldn't resist!! :) I skipped on the eyeshadow because I was skeptical but I've actually heard really good things!!! Do you like it?
      Gianna was reallllly pretty. I wish I'd gotten it too lol :)