Saturday, December 28, 2013

Birchbox December 2013 Unboxing!

WARNING! Lots of pictures!
So I've been ever so patiently waiting for my very first Birchbox to arrive for over two weeks and IT FINALLY CAME TODAY!!! Hooray!! :)
For those of you who don't already know, Birchbox is pretty much the first beauty subscription box there was, and has been around for awhile. Like one of my favorites, Ipsy, for just $10 a month they send you 4-5 samples of higher end products to try out before you buy them. I like the idea of having both Birchbox and Ipsy because most of the time they do very different brands in their sampling. Plus Birchbox sends out special treats in their boxes, that so far, I'm pretty impressed with. I think these cheaper sub boxes are a GREAT way to try out products that you normally wouldn't buy on your own. I've already fallen in love with one of my items I received!
Another great benefit is that when you review your items you build up points that you can redeem in the Birchbox store for fullsized things that you love. You also get points for purchases and referrals. Every 100= $10 in the Birchbox store.
If you'd like a referral to Birchbox, please use my referral link HERE. :)
Keep reading to see what I got!! Spoiler alert!

My very first Birchbox came packed nice and neatly in a cute little box with an information card of all the products I received! I really really like this feature, because Ipsy doesn't explain the products like this. Plus they let you know how much the full size costs in the Birchbox store. :)
I also received this little card telling me about a new product and some coupon codes for it, but I probably won't purchase it.
When I opened it up I was pleased to see that everything was packed in nice and tightly. Unlike my Ipsy bag this month that had perfume leaked all over it. My Birchbox perfume sample was nice and secure.
Value: $4 for sample $8 for full
I am MORE than excited to have received a Color Club in my first box!! I've been dying to try out this brand for months!! I received the color Dark N Stormy out of the Cocktail Hour Collection. I was supposed to receive a color from Harlem Lights, but oh well. 
Value: $1-ish Full size pack of 8 for $9.95
Lifestyle Extra: This is my Chuao Popcorn Pop Chocopod. 2nd favorite thing I received. This little chocolate bar was AMAZING. I've never had anything like it. It had poprocks in it. Is it bad that I'm debating using my 100 points to get these?? :) So yummy!

Value: $2.25-ish Full size $55
Here is my tiny little sample of Harvey Prince Hello perfume. I don't usually like florals mixed with fruits... but this smells pretty nice. It's definitely not something I would pick on my own, but it will be nice for spring. I wouldn't buy it though, I can get a much better perfume for that much Viva la Juicy.
Value: $2.50-ish Full size $28
This is Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre (24 hour miracle cream). Basically it claims to do everything. Primer, moisturizer, makeup remover... etc. The whole "embryo" name freaks me out a little but I tried it out as a moisturizer and it seems pretty good. It didn't leave me feeling greasy at all which I really like. I don't see it being a good primer though. Probably wouldn't buy this on my own, but it is always nice to have an emergency moisturizer. 
Value $2.50 ish Full size $21.95
This is Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle. I tried it out tonight and either I used WAY too much, or it's just not for me. People seriously rave about this stuff, so I'm kind of bummed out that I don't absolutely love this... It left my perfectly clean, keratin treated hair really greasy... I may try it again and use just like two sprays.... or water it down.

Value: $3 + $1 off coupon = $4 
Last but certainly not least is my Birchbox find: Chapstick hydration lock! I'm excited to receive a random full size extra, regardless of if it's a drugstore brand or not. Who doesn't like chapstick?! Plus, it's winter and my lips are chapped. I really like the vanilla flavor as well!

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with my first Birchbox. For only $10 I got to try out roughly $17 dollars worth of random beauty stuff. Plus I earned 60 points! While it's definitely not as value filled as Ipsy, I'm still going to stay subbed for a bit longer, just to see what kind of things I can hoard for my face. :)
Again! If you want to sign up CLICK HERE! Sometimes there is a waitlist, but I didn't have to be on one!

Chynel should be posting something amazing here pretty soon! Be on the lookout! :D
Xx Ashley C.

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