Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Tree Nails Pictorial!

As promised, here is a tutorial for super easy Christmas Tree nails! You can use any colors you want, but I used:
Julep - Rebel
Zoya - Chita (This links to amazon where you can buy the fall '13 pixies for 7.34 with FREE SHIPPING!!!)
Butter London - Marbs
Pretty & Polished - The Amazing Technicolor Topcoat
Seche Vite Topcoat

Start by painting your nails whatever base color you picked. :)  I used Julep Rebel for my base. It's my favorite matte silver holo.
After your base color dries. Apply tape in a triangle shape to whatever fingers you want to add the tree to. You can use striping tape for this as well, but I found that if you get some of the sticky off the regular tape first and stick it on, it's easier since you don't have to worry about painting beyond the stripe tape.

Then paint on your tree. With the tape you don't have to worry about making a big mess.
Let that dry for about a minute then remove the tape while it's still a little wet. Be careful so you don't peel off any of the nailpolish.

Next decorate your tree! I used Butter London Marbs to add on zig zags and added a little gem to the top for a star. :)
Then, If you want you can add some glitter so it looks like there are ornaments, and add your topcoat to finish them off! :)

That's all there is too it! Easy right?! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and as always make sure and like us on Facebook and follow us on here so you don't miss any posts! :)

Happy Holidays!
Xx Ashley C.


  1. Cute idea and easy enough for those of us who are artistically challenged!

    1. Thanks!!! It's was really really easy!! :) If you try it let me see!!! :)