Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pretty & Polished The Amazing Technicolor Topcoat

I wanted this polish as soon as I saw it. The Amazing Technicolor Topcoat by Pretty & Polished is an awesome, unique glitter topper. No two bottles are the same, as Chels, the genius behind this beauty, makes it out of all of the glitter left on her mat after making other polishes. Essentially it is all the left over glitter crammed into one amazing, one of a kind bottle of awesome.
I ordered this from the Pretty & Polished Black Friday sale, as well as some others that I will swatch later. I am pretty sure she matched it to my other two bottles I ordered, and it is simply amazing. Also, I ordered some coffee scented cuticle balm to feed my coffee addiction, and it smells absolutely wonderful and goes on like a dream.

You can buy Pretty & Polished on their Etsy site HERE or on their webpage HERE. I've ordered both ways.

Shown below is one coat of The Amazing Technicolor Topcoat with no fishing out of specific glitters over 2 coats of Butter London's Cotton Buds.
Here's the left hand. There's like every color of neon glitter imaginable. I really love that big green one. It's a holo.
Here's my right hand. I love the big random black hex glitter and the little lilac diamonds!!

Does anyone have this polish??? I'd love to see your swatches! I haven't seen many online.
By the way, Butter London Cotton Buds is AMAZING also.

Until next time,
Xx Ashley C.

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