Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DIY Sugar Scrub!

Hey everyone!!  This is going to be a super quick post because I'm doing it off my phone, but I HAVE to share this recipe!  I have recently fell completely in love with sugar scrubs after trying a sample of pretty & Polished's.  I have cupcake scented in the mail right now.  In the meantime, however I decided to try to make my own!  It's super easy and pretty fun,  and in my opinion it works just as good as the sample I tried. The best part is you can add or subtract from it however you wish,  and if you have fancier oils than me or even some scents you can add those! This is for just a small amount but you can obviously adjust it depending on how much you want to make!
 The recipe is as follows:
 2 Tablespoons of white granulated sugar
 2 Tablespoons of brown sugar
1-2 tsp extra virgin olive oil
1tsp peppermint extract

 See!  Super easy!  Just mix that all together and it becomes the most magical scrub you will ever use on your feet. Lol you can also tweak the recipe a little and make a lip scrub!
1tsp white sugar
1tsp brown sugar
1tsp peppermint extract or vanilla extract depending on your flavor preference
1tsp olive oil
1tsp warm honey

With this one,  I applied it to my lips and let it work it's magic for a minute then scrubbed it in and rinsed it off. Make sure and use a lip balm after for extra softness!

Ingredients! Yay! My honey was almost gone lol Also my EVOO leaked and I had to transfer it to a water bottle Lol 

Until next time,
Xx Ashley C.


  1. I was hesitated at first when I heard about sugar facial scrubs. Actually I was confused about my dry skin. When I read the benefits of organic sugar scrubs then I started to use it. Thanks for share scrub recipe. Learn new thing.

    Molly | CoLaz Beauty

    1. You're welcome!!! I love this recipe. Next time I may try it with Vanilla though, I think it will smell alot better and last longer. :) Let me know if you try it! :D