Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Urban Decay Naked 3

So I am super late when it comes to posting it, but the baby has been driving me up the walls along with Christmas and what not, who cares about excuses lets get down to business. So as soon as they announced the Naked 3, I knew I needed to make room in my wallet and in my Muji. I was so excited!! So they had it up for sale on the Urban Decay website but I like rewards so I waited for it to hit Sephora because I use my Sephora points and I believe I deserve to get some thing for drop loads of cash at their store. So Sephora is my place to go! So the night it was available on their site which I believe was the 6th of December. I placed my order. Like usual it takes two days to get here and it did.

So a little back ground to the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay. They are an eyeshadow palette giving you the option to have a very nude and subtle look or do the complete opposite! They now have 3 different Naked palettes. The first one is a Bronze Gold Neutrals, the Second one is a Taupe- Hued Neutrals, and the Third one is a Rose Gold set of Neutrals. So I absolutely love my first Naked palette, it is so beautiful and I am able to create so many different kinds of looks. I am a very nudey type girl so these palettes definitely scream for my name! The second one is not my favorite, I hardly ever used it so I just gave it to my sister and she loves it. 

So lets do the unboxing first. It comes in a very pretty Rose Gold and Embedded designed box. So below is the front and the back of the box.

So when I take it out of the box, it comes in the same kind of tin that the Naked 2 came in which honestly is a huge disappointment for me. I really hate the tin, to me if feels very cheap and it is not super easy to close like the first Naked design where it was like a magnetic velvet. Although there are some positives to this design, it is harder to break the eyeshadows.... I guess? No I just hate it but it doesn't really matter what the outside looks like what matters is the product inside. So below is what the palette looks like being closed.

So now for the fun part, the inside of the palette. Packed with 12 BEAUTIFUL Rose Gold Neutrals this palette is just amazing. Below is a picture of the entire palette and then I will do closes up of the left side and the right side. 

So the left side contains the colors going L-R, Strange which is a beautiful highlight matte color, Dust which is extremely in my opinion glittery so you have to be careful with her because she will have fallout but if you work with it, she will we be so beautiful! Then we have Burnout, Limit which is another matte which is my favorite for that transitioning blending color, then we have Buzz and Trick. Trick is so freaking beautiful. I think that might be my favorite. 

Now the last six going L-R again, we have Nooner which is another wonderful matte. I like this shadow for the base of my shadow for all over the lid. Then we have this beautiful shimmery shadow called Liar which I absolutely love and kinda want this one to be my favorite only because my favorite Urban Decay Lipstick is called Liar. Then we have Factory which is a beautiful Shimmery Rosey Brown, Then we have Mugshot and I love love love this one. It is a shimmery brown grey and it is just gorgeous! I have used this eyeshadow every single time. It just looks so timeless. Then we have Darkside which is perfect for a light liner look and then we have our beloved Blackheart which is so beautiful, it is a nice smoked black with pretty like dark pink flicks in it. It is nice to have some thing then a traditional black in the palette like usual. 

So lets do some swatching! 
I am going to do the first six L-R and then the last six the same way. 

So above we have Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick.

And then we have Nooner, Liar (My favorite along with Mugshot, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart.

So you also get a double ended brush with this palette and UD always has pretty amazing brushes. Although I love my bedullium brushes out of all my brushes so this one probably wont be touched unless mine all of my brushes are dirty. And you also got a little booklet of primer samples. Which is a bit of a complaint with me, I really am disappointed that you dont get a deluxe freebie like you do with the rest of the palettes. But back to what I was saying what matters is what is inside of the palette. So I am very happy with this purchase, I absolutely love rose gold eyeshadows so this was a must have. Anyone who already owns the other two Nakeds this is a great palette to add to your collection. They are still extremely buttery and like always you can trust Urban Decay with their products, they are always amazing. If you guys have any questions just comment below! 
Love Chynel Webb! <3

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